Sho Hasegawa

Winter Landscape

open - 2013

Ice skate blades cast in bronze and aluminium, cables, light drawing box, Typ120 films, gelatin silver print, baryte paper, frames of Finnish birch, Swedish birch, German lime tree

The 6th Baku Biennale, Azerbaijan / Galerie SCHIERKE SEINECKE, Frankfurt am Main / HFBK Hamburg

This is an open-ended project which included trips to natural ice of various winter lands. (Finland / Norway / in the Antarctic)
The idea is simple: make a trip to natural ice, skate on the ice then draw a landscape picture to document the scene and memory of the experience there. This whole process is carried out with self-made ice skates. The skates are cast in bronze (right side) and aluminum (left side), which work together as a Galvanic cell that generates electricity. After skating they are laid down on ice and connected with cables to the drawing box. The electricity generated is then used to draw landscape pictures. The drawing box, a small portable dark room, holds photographic film and a light pen powered by the electricity generated by the ice skates. The light pen can be grasped with a lightproof glove from outside. This light pen and film are like pencil and paper used to draw landscapes.
Every picture of »Winter Landscape« is exposed on baryte paper as original print and presented in a frame made from a wood that grows in the place where I skated. Each frame has a different profile that I designed.