Sho Hasegawa



Lime stone from Solnhofen, lithography, lunar regolith simulant EAC-1ASolnhofener
Lithography: 54 x 42cm

The motifs on the lithographies come from the photo archive of the Apollo 11 mission of 1969. The photographs taken by the astronauts with Hasselblad sometimes do not meet scientific standards and have something amateurish about them. The lithographies were hand-drawn and printed by a special process using Lunar Regolith Simulant material (EAC-1A).
EAC-1A is a simulated lunar regolith, made from terrestrial materials and developed by ESA (European Space Agency).
I applied EAC-1A to the black printing plate and rubbed it in until tiny scratches appeared on the plate. In this way I drew the motifs on the printing plate. In addition, the prints are printed in the five different colors: red, orange, yellow, light green, and green. These colors correspond to the mini-glass particles contained in the lunar regolith.