Sho Hasegawa

Untitled (Flower shop)

2016 - 2017

Reversal films (Typ120), flowers, cardboard, lenses, mirror, brass

Type C print : 65 x 750 (cm)

Installation view at Einstellungsraum e.V., Hamburg

Installation view at Künstlerhaus Sootbörn as a part of Klaus Kröger Atelier Fellowship Exhibition, Hamburg

The exhibition location used to be a flower shop. The flower shop was open from 1919 to the 90’s. The old tiled floor and built-in pedestal for flowers still remain in place. On the basement level is a peculiar cellar which is right underneath the shop space. It has such a low ceiling that people need to stoop when they walk.
I wanted to make a documentation of this unique space and decided to use the whole cellar as a big pinhole camera to shoot the upper shop space and flowers: a self-portrait of the room by itself.
I drilled a hole on the floor through to the cellar and placed camera lenses. A mirror was also installed approximately 15 cm above the hole, which faced the tiled pedestal and the show-window. On the pedestal I placed various kinds of flowers typical of the season in Germany. The mirror guided the view of the room with flowers into the cellar.
For shooting, middle format reversal films were used, but in an unusual way: they were wrapped around a cone-shaped pedestal as if climbing plants spiral around it.