Sho Hasegawa

Winter Landscape (Antarctica)


Ice skate blades cast in bronze and aluminium, cables, light drawing box, Typ120 films, gelatin silver print, baryte paper, frames made from acrylic glass

The 1st Antarctic Biennale

The third location for »Winter Landscape« project was the Antarctic. I took a part in an international artistic, scientific program "The 1st Antarctic Biennale." One part of "The 1st Antarctic Biennale" was an Antarctic expedition whose purpose was to carry out artistic projects, scientific researches and interdisciplinary exchanges with other participants. Participants from all parts of the world included artists, writers, philosophers, biologists, and spaceship designers among other researchers of varying disciplines.
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Five pictures were created on this expedition. Every picture of »Winter Landscape« is presented in a frame made from a wood that grows in the place where I skated. Each frame has a different profile which I designed. For the Antarctic Winter Landscapes, I used a milky-white plexiglass instead of wood because trees do not grow there.