Sho Hasegawa



Lime stone from Solnhofen, lithography, lunar regolith simulant EAC-1A, calcium oxide, acetylene, oxygen, desiccator, aluminium

variable Dimensionen

»Lic(o)htil« is a group of works that includes a series of lithographies, the limestones used for printing, the limelight sculptures and the performance of their ignition. This is a dialogue between limestone and the moon.
The starting point for all the works from the series »Lic(o)htil« is limestone from Solnhofen. Solnhofen is considered to be the place of origin of the lithography technique, where the fine-grained slab limestone comes from, which is particularly suitable for lithography. I traveled there and collected the limestones directly from the quarry, which I used for the project.